Gabrielle Printz is an architectural researcher, writer and designer based in New York. She is a co-founder of feminist architecture collaborative, previously in residence at the GSAPP Incubator at NEW INC, an initiative of the New Museum. f-architecture's work has appeared in Harvard Design Magazine, Girls Like Us, ED, DUE, subtexxt, at UN-HABITAT III and the Morgan Library and Museum.

Her current research explores landscapes of detention and the spatial and performative networks which connect border and prison. This exploration manifested most recently in the web-based project C-A-R-TRIP.US, an award-winning thesis for the Critical, Curatorial and Conceptual Practices in Architecture Program (MS.CCCP) at Columbia University GSAPP. Among her other efforts to see curious and spatial entanglements of bodies, media, and the law, C-A-R-TRIP attempts to visibilize the larger apparatus of US migrant detention as situated in an extended territory of bodily apprehension along the US/Mexico Border.

Prior to her work @GSAPP, Gabrielle completed a Master of Architecture at the Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning with a thesis on the body. Understanding that this entity--which both produces and receives architecture--has historically been misrepresented in the discipline as a neutral or ideal dimensional figure, she designed and produced a diverse family of contingent "architectural bodies" with specific bodily expressions (gender, age, fatness, affinities for other bodies, and so on). While at Buffalo, Gabrielle taught first year design studios and recitations for architectural history.

Gabrielle is a co-editor of the book Beyond Patronage: Reconsidering Models of Practice with Joyce Hwang and Martha Bohm, published by Actar in 2015. Beyond Patronage is a project which acknowledges emerging design practices and architectural actors which operate outside the conventional, structural relationship between architect and patron. The life of the project exists in a series of conversations with design practitioners, held at institutions including the Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning, the Storefront for Art and Architecture, MIT School of Architecture and Planning, and SAIC's Sullivan Galleries as part of the Chicago Architecture Biennial.